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Brand design services

Stand out from the crowd

As far as we’re concerned, it’s all about looking the business to get the business! Getting in front of the audience is one thing but ensuring your potential customers feel engaged with your brand is vital

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Great brand design will attract the right audience

Your brand identity can be the making of your business if done right. It’s all about emotional engagement and engagement with the right audience. Taking time to understand the voice and vision of your business, we’ll create a brand that sets you apart. Connecting you to your audience engaging them like never before.

Looking to attract and engage with more customers?

All our brand design services are designed to be tailored to your needs. Whether it is rebranding your business from the bottom up or working with existing assets to make it work harder. Building brands that reach, engage and convert more customers.

Brand Identity

The foundation of any brand, the identity is the visual assets your company has to attract its audience.

Brand Messaging

Giving your business a voice. Ensuring your marketing materials sound right is vital to successful communication.

Brand Review

You might already have a brand but are unsure about how it’s working. Our brand review will get you understanding the strengths and weaknesses.

Offline Marketing

Where is your audience engaging with your brand when not on your website? From leaflets to billboards, you’ll be amazed at what can be done.

Graphic Design

The glue that sticks it all together. Good graphic design is crucial to successful marketing. Being recognisable, memorable and unique is key.

Audience Analytics

Sometimes you need to take a closer look at your audience. What are their expectations? Where are they and what do they want to see?

Looking to improve your brand presence?

I know we go on about it a lot, but consistency really is key. Visual unity between social media accounts, print communications, web presence etc. is very important! After all, it becomes quite confusing for the audience if you don’t.

A good first impression will cement a positive image of your company in your audience’s mind. Whether consciously or not, the more your brilliant brand is seen, the more the audience is likely to remember you. Trust us. We’ll help you draw attention to your brand for all the right reasons!

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What is a Branding?

Branding is simply the visual elements of your business that represent you. From logos, colour palettes and typefaces to leaflets, websites and social media, keeping your brand relevant and consistent is vital.

How do I ensure Brand Consistency?

Usually it’s just about keeping it simple. Removing any unnecessary elements and using the same styles across all your marketing channels. Consistent messaging is a strong asset, making sure you’re saying the same thing and in the same way.

How do I know if my brand is wrong?

Struggling sales or lack of conversions are signs of a bad brand but sometimes it’s not as obvious. It’s only when we work our magic that you’re able to see what was wrong previously.

Is branding just logo design?

Branding is so much more than logo design. It’s the connection your audience has with your business, from the colours and styles through to the tone of voice in messaging. As a brand design agency in Cheshire, we’ll get your brand to BOOM!

It's like magic. Let's Grow's ability to understand the audience and create branding that emotionally engages them is unique. Our rebrand has been a huge success and is consistently turning heads in our sector.

Sarah BirdseyMD, Nicholls Solicitors

We were scared of the idea of a rebrand but once it was crested we knew it was the best decision we ever made. The visuals are amazing and it just works. Everything from the logo to the website is just perfect.

Gemma ThompsonBailey Property Maintenance

The whole process was incredible. Let's Grow created a logo that was perfect for the business and marketing material that has completely transformed the way we engage with our audience. We've seen a 41% increase in revenue within 6 months!

Paul HarrisSEO, REAL Success

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